Hello and welcome to the very first installment of the MCSNetwerk blog. The overarching goal here is to create a network of blogs, podcasts, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and whatever other forms of media that I desire/can achieve. Think  Bill Simmons and The Ringer, or The Pres and Barstool but different. How the MCSNetwerk will be different from those sites remains to be seen, but should come into scope the more I post. At first, there will not be much more than a few posts per week, but as I hone my skills I hope to incorporate the other forms of media I highlighted above. Now what you should expect in the immediate future.

I hope to post a few blogs per week on the topics of sports, books, music, travel, and whatever else is on my mind. One plan that I have is to offer a few different personas/themes/ideas that I will use repeatedly. This list will be an evolving one (especially in the first few months), but I have a few ideas and I will highlight them now so you can know what to expect. For write now (see what I did there) I will be the only one writing on this blog, but I hope to add others soon!

First off is The Haters Blog. My goal with The Haters Blog posts is to take on the persona of a rabid fan that takes a highly contrarian view i.e a hater. This will be largely satirical and should not be taken too seriously. I believe I can have a great deal of fun with this by getting under the skin of other fan bases (other fan bases being whoever is being offended by the hater) and engaging in some playful Twitter/comment banter. The first The Haters Blog will come out later this week and discuss how the Chicago Bulls have become the “clickbait” of the NBA.


***Quick aside: I am from the Chicagoland area and am a fan of the Bears, Bulls, Whitesox and Blackhawks (in that order). I went to The University of Miami and as a result am a fan. I currently live in Seattle and have some fondness for those local teams.  This all being said I hope to write about more than those teams, but don’t be surprised when those teams are a bit more under the microscope.***

My next idea is to write a blog series entitled My League. This will be a fantasy sports blog (football and baseball to start) that goes over what happens in an average league. I am a part of a few semi-competitive leagues that I believe will be an excellent setting for this. I like think of myself as an talented fantasy football GM and I will go into depth on some of my moves, and the major moves made by my contemporaries each week. Look out for an NFL fantasy draft blog in the coming weeks (maybe with a guest writer *hint hint*).


The final persona that I have planned (for now) The MCSN Blog AKA my own persona. This blog will feature…well…anything and everything in my life that I feel like writing about (and that I feel will be interesting for others). For example the first post will be about the best hair in Game of Thrones. Another will be about how to make your Lyft/Uber driver not secretly hate you (I am one so I have insider knowledge). Others could be about books I am reading, or places I have traveled. Overall, expect the unexpected.

I will try to keep these blogs to a neat 500 words (pipe dream as I can be a windbag when writing but whatever). As I am already past that mark on this first post I will leave you with this. Please contact me with any criticisms, complaints, or praises (a boy can dream) and send all inquires to those to MCSNetwerk@gmail.com or on Twitter @M_C_S_N.

Thank you so much for your time, and have a great rest of your day!

***P.S. I hate editing my own work, so unless you want to do that for me try not to hammer me too much on that.***