This is embarrassing. Wait, let me start over. This is embarrassing even when you consider the fact that this happened to the Chicago White Sox (see Adam and Drake Laroche), a team that seems to reside on the corner of Embarrassment Way and Face Palm Blvd. Wait let me start over again. This is embarrassing even when you consider that this is a team owned by Jerry Reinsdorf (see Chicago Bulls), a man who resides on the corner of Cheap Bastard Hwy and Tone-deaf Ct. This is not Chris Sale’s fault, even though I will admit that he acted childishly (more on that later). This is not Robin Ventura’s fault (for the record he lives on How Do I Use Relievers Ln). This is not even Kenny Williams/Rick Hahn’s faults. This is Jerry’s fault, and Jerry’s fault alone.


(sometimes we all just need to hug it out)

By now I am sure that you have heard what happened in the White Sox’ clubhouse before their game vs. Detroit Tigers yesterday, but just in case you live with Patrick Star (under a rock, keep up people) here is a quick recap. The White Sox felt that selling jerseys was more important than keeping their best asset, since vintage Frank Thomas at least, happy. Chris complained that playing in antiquated jerseys that feature a collar (see picture below) is uncomfortable, and inhibits his pitching (probably true, he is not the only one to complain). So instead of allowing the starting pitcher to pick the jersey on the day of his start, one of those unwritten rules that baseball gets a woody for, they told him to go F’ himself. Chris responded by – childishly – cutting up the jerseys so that no one had to deal with them, and the White Sox (Jerry) responded by sending him home and suspending him for 5 games.

Chris-Sale-Throwbacks-4(awful, just awful)

In defense of Chris’ actions he did have a reasonable reason for not wanting to wear the jerseys. He felt that their relative lack of comfort hindered his performance. In a sport where everyone is trying to find an edge, legally or not, this seems like a very easy opportunity for the Sox brass to say “okay Chris, we hear you. Why don’t we wear those jerseys later when anyone that isn’t you or Q is pitching.” But no, the Sox brass did not make that obvious move, instead they tell him “Go F’ yourself Chris, we don’t care about performance. We care about the fans seeing these awesome (née terrible) throwback jerseys so we can sell more.” I get where the brass is coming from, no one is attending non-Chris Sale starts so the best day to market something new is on his day. But that’s the thing, it is HIS DAY, he goes on the field every five days to breathe life into this moribund franchise. On HIS DAY he should be able to choose what the team sports on the field, this is not some scrub starter that might not last 4 innings, this is Chris Mother F’in Sale.

And another thing, these jerseys SUCK. Suck, suck, suck. Much like the much hated – by players anyways – sleeved NBA jerseys, these were only created to make money in the form of jersey sales. Someone on the White Sox staff said “Hey Jerry, if we put collars on the jerseys Chicago dads might think they can wear them golfing and we can line your pockets a little more.” Hearing about the potential of making more money (without spending) billionaire Jerry jumped aboard.

Chris Rondon looking uncomfortable(Carlos Rodon looking very uncomfortable)

This where it becomes clear that this is Jerry’s fault. While I am sure that the altercation that took place did not involve him personally (no way he is in the locker room). He could have heard previous player complaints and put a kibosh on collared jerseys. Instead Jerry makes the move that serves him and really only him.

Jerry is the man that has kept the utterly inept Kenny Williams/Rick Hahn employed, despite not doing anything of note since 2005. Jerry is the man that has kept the most clueless of managers, Robin Ventura, employed, despite an entire fan base calling for his head, and he not doing anything to prove to the fan base otherwise. Throughout his ownership of both the Chicago White Sox and Bulls Jerry has made the moves that cost him the least amount of money. Instead of firing a Team President and GM that continue to make the SAME EXACT MISTAKES year after year, he keeps them on at reasonable prices. Instead of firing a manager who is clearly in above his head managing a team that showed early season promise, he keeps him on so he doesn’t have to pay two managers.

This is professional sports Jerry, sometimes you have to cut bait, lose some money, and realize that while it may hurt the wallet in the short term it will benefit you in the end. Jerry is the epitome of ‘penny smart dollar dumb.’

So now that Chris Sale is 100% pissed off, first from being asked to close then from the whole Laroche situation, and will never resign with the team after his ridiculously team friendly contract expires (quick aside: Chris Sale is on the best contract in all of sports, give him the keys to everything Jerry. After all he is saving you roughly $10 million a year) the Sox have no hope to resign him. This is going to end up with three more seasons of Cy Young pitching from Chris and .500> Sox teams followed by a mega-contract with the Red Sox or some other intelligent team (please for the love of God let it not be the Cubs).

62655223(actually something that happened)


Keep an eye out for more anti-Jerry Hater’s Blog posts as I get into how it is his fault the 2016-17 Chicago Bulls look like the equivalent of click bait ads. Should be out mid-week.

Anyways, thank you so much for your time, and have a great rest of your day.