This is the first edition of what I would like to call #scribbles. Think of #scribbles as just a space to jot down little ideas that I (and others if someone would actually step up and write with me) think of, but don’t have either the time or depth of topic to make it into a longer blog. This will be a slightly longer edition of #scribbles as I am writing this intro to the premise but I think y’all will get the idea. Now onto the show!

Depression is an issues that is very near my heart. I personally suffer from bouts of it and have many friends and family that suffer similarly. One thing about depression is that it can make even the simplest of tasks become seemingly impossible. Think of it this way; your phone is at 1% battery, you are laying in bed, and the charger is no more than a foot away, but you can’t plug it in. Just the simple act of plugging your phone in feels too difficult. I know how crazy that may seem to some, but it’s true. Some may say “how can it be so hard to plug in a phone, it takes two seconds,” but that’s just it. I don’t know why it is so hard, it just is, it just doesn’t seem worth it I suppose. This extends to more than just phones, hanging out with friends, eating, working out, etc. all seem impossibly difficult, impossibly mundane. I have felt like this many times and it really becomes a spiral of not doing anything, then feeling bad about not doing anything, then feeling bad about feeling bad etc. I have found a way to combat this, and it may not work for everyone, but it may help some. What I found is just being task oriented and forcing myself to do things, anything, really helps. Little things like getting a haircut, or playing basketball, or writing a blog *eh hem* really does help. Then once the little tasks become doable you can move on to bigger things and ideally at some point you will start to feel like yourself again. Now, I am still on this train of getting back to being me, but I feel like this is an idea that has really helped me get back on that train. It may take some prodding whether that be from within, or helping a loved one that may be depressed, to do those little things to get on track, but don’t give up. Don’t look at a day that you let the depression win as a failure. Look at it as an opportunity to do better next time. I really hope that this reaches someone and helps them out in some way.

If you have any other tips or ideas on the treatment of depression send them my way as this is a topic that I plan on getting into more detail in later blogs and it mat really help someone out.

Thank you for reading this first edition of #scribbles and please repost and whatever else to get the MCSNetwerk out there!