The Picks: Green = $$$Red = loss

OAK @ HOU: Raiders +4, Houston to win, Under 37

Well, the idea that the Raiders had a punchers chance in this one was clearly false, although the refs did the Raiders and I no favors with some…spotty calls. McGloin must have been severely injured to not see the field at all in this one because Connor Cook was terrible. Cook was place in a tough position, three weeks ago he was a guy that was happily watching an All-Pro leading his team to the playoffs. Then, all of the sudden, he was tasked with leading the team in those playoffs, and he did not do well. 18 of 45 for only 161 yards were enough to have him rank among the worst quarterbacks to ever start a playoff game. Remember I told you all to stay away from this game, so if you chose to lose money on this one (like myself) you have no one to blame but yourself.

DET @ SEA: Lions +8, Seahawks to win, Over 44

Going into this game the Seahawks were in a bit of a lull. A close win verses a terrible 49ers team, a loss to a middling Cardinals team left the Seahawks not exactly heading to the playoffs with a full head of steam. This was their “get right” game. The Seahawks will be heading to Atlanta with a full a running back who just ran for 150+, a quarterback who remains among the elite of the league, and a defense that looks primed to stop anyone. The fact that all this was accomplished against a Lions team whose best player (Stafford) had a dead middle finger, came into the game losers of three (now four) straight, and were really just lucky to be here. Come on, all those 4th quarter, last second wins were bound to catch up with them.

MIA @ PIT: Steelers -10.5, Steelers to win, Over 46

The Dolphins had a chance, they really had a chance. Then James Harrison, all 38! years of him, destroyed all of Miami’s hopes and dreams with a strip sack of Matt Moore in the redzone. Lev Bell, and Antonio Brown lead this team in a big way (298 combined yards, 4 total touchdowns) and the defense was able to erase the guy that they had ran for over 200 yards earlier this year against them. Ben Roethlisberger still doesn’t look great after his knee injury, and there are serious concerns about his home/road splits, but as long as they have a top three RB and WR this team will remain a threat.

NYG @ GB: Packers -5, Packers to win, Over 44.5

Seems like this Bears fan really has a solid read on how the Packers and Aaron Rodgers operate, after all I was perfect in picking this one.  Odell Beckham and company looked like they were feeling the ill effects of hanging out with Justin Bieber on a Miami Yacht. Seriously though, what the f**k happened to Beckham? During the game he had a series of backbreaking drops, and after the game he almost broke his head and hand in the locker room. Aaron Rodgers is back people, and as long as he is playing at the top of his game the Packers will remain a Super Bowl contender, Cowboys beware


NFL: 7-5

Overall: 7-5

Personally not a big college football fan but do yourselves a favor and take Alabama. Roll Tide.

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