The Picks: Green = $$$Red = loss

SEA @ ATL: Seattle +4.5, Atlanta to win, Over 52

So I guess this is a classic example of throwing out the results of regular season match ups. That first drive where Seattle just marched right down the field made this one seem to be a barn-burner. Then the woes of the cheapest offensive line reared it’s ugly head. Russel Wilson looked like a guy that was on his own every time he dropped back, Thomas Rawls was being met in the backfield every time he took a hand off, but that’s enough on the Seattle woes. Atlanta looked great in this game, and not for a few big Devin Hester returns (what is this 2010) this could have been even more of a blowout. My pick of Seattle to cover the spread may have been fueled by living in Seattle, but two out of three ain’t bad. One more shout out to Devin Hester, without him there is no way they get the over.

HOU @ NE: New England -16, New England to win, Over 44.5

The Houston Texans were the luckiest team in the first half of this game. Patriot turnovers, calls going the Texans way, Brock “Assweiler” Osweiler looking game manager-y. Then the second half came around and everything happened as we expected. The Patriots didn’t play great by any stretch, but playing against the worst team in the playoffs (exception for the Carr-less Raiders) means that you can play your B or even C game and win by 18. Silver lining for Houston is that Jadeveon Clowney looks like a legit star.

GB @ DAL: Green Bay +4, Green Bay to win, Over 52.5

Dallas got down big early and it looked like what you would expect from rookies making their first NFL playoff start. Then Dak caught fire, Zeke did was Zeke does, and the defense stopped Green Bay enough for them to tie the game with less than a minute remaining. Unfortunately for Dallas fans everywhere Aaron Rodgers is a wizard and put the team squarely on his back and got his team into field goal range for a kicker that has been fire flames hot. That throw to Cook on the final drive by Rodgers was absolutely bonkers. There is one man that can make that throw and it must be f**king great to have that guy taking your snaps. Nothing to hang heads over if you play for Dallas, they played a great game. Dallas is a team that is set up for greatness throughout the next 3-5 years…at least.

PIT @ KC: Kansas City -1, Kansas City to win, Under 45

*Andy Reid late game moment alert, Andy Reid late game moment alert, ANDY REID LATE GAME MOMENT ALERT!* First let’s take half a quarter to drive down the field when down 8. Then, after we miss the 2 point conversion, let’s not onside kick with 2:30 left and only 1 timeout. Oh shit, that didn’t work. Classic Andy game and we are all better for having seen it. Le’veon Bell is a complete savage and I think we all know who wears the big boy pants on that team. All due respect to Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger, but when you run for 167 and 170 yards in consecutive weeks in the playoffs, you get that title. This is Le’veon’s world and we are all just living in it.


This Week: 9-3

NFL: 16-8

Overall: 16-8

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