Well, it was about time. After six plus years of not being significantly  sick it finally caught up to me. I got the flu, it sucked, and its why I’ve been on blog-silence the last week. I will have the gambling primer for the two NFL Conference Championship games out later today, but first a little about why I got sick.

I got sick because I have spent the entirety of the last three months bragging to everyone who I knew about how I never get sick. How I never need a flu shot, how I have the immune system of a Greek God, how I am not worried about being around sick people, etc. It all blew up in my face this week when I could barely talk, think, move, and/or do much of anything expect watch the office and pay Pokemon. I already have a balky back, but when my joints and limbs got the aches from the flu any movement was agony. Everything expect laying down (and even laying down) hurt.

Do not feel sorry for me, I deserved this, I bragged and it all came back to bite me. I will be stronger for this and look forward to another six plus years of being healthy.

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