In a word no. In what has become another long hiatus, because your friendly little blogger can be a bit of a lazy bum from time to time, I make my triumphant return roasting Kathy Griffin and Donny Boy Trump in the wake of Kathy’s ill-fated photo op. The hater’s blog is back!

First of all, Donny Boy Trump, American “President” is a complete stooge, and I in no way shape or form am defending him here. The guy thinks only of money, and not even in a intelligent way. He is the epitome of penny smart dollar dumb, and has no  place being in charge of the lives of millions. Nonetheless what Kathy did was just dumb. I understand that many comedians are on a soapbox of pushing the boundaries and keeping people out of their comfort zones, and I am all about that. That photo did none of that. It was just gross, and it didn’t even make any sense. If it was supposed to be a decapitated Donny Boy then why did he have blood (shitty looking fake blood btw) all over his face while Kathy was holding him by his hair. Does gravity not exist in Kathy’s world. Probably not, because reality is not exactly one of her strong suits.

That smug look on her face in the above photo is great though. You can tell that she 100% thinks this is going to be springboard for her career and all Trump haters will applaud her. Uhh this isn’t an episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ Kathy. Even the racist, homophobic, bigoted comedians out there weren’t dumb enough to post this type of photo while Obama was President. Even those moron knew that the backlash would be extreme and the gains minimal…at best.

Kathy fears that this could be the end of her career, uhhhh Kathy, where the hell have you been. Your career has been over since like the mid 90’s. Yeah I know she had that shitty show ‘My Life on the D List’ in the 2000’s, but guess what. That show sucked. There is a reason she lived her life on the “D list” because she is a mediocre at best comic. When is the last time you laughed at her??? Never, unless you are a bored soccer mom.

Then she comes out with the most predictable apology of all time and looks terrible doing so. I understand that people don’t look great all the time, lord knows that I rarely look even passable, but my God Kathy do something with…anything. Later she gives a press conference where she is a little more put together ( She starts with “Hey guys, I’m Kathy Griffin.” No shit. “I’m really nervous right now, I’ve never done a press conference before.” That’s a blatant lie, you’ve been on TV a million times, been in movies, and all you do in a press conference is talk an answer questions, not exactly rocket science.

I stopped watching at that point, my cheapo Samsung Chromecast stopped playing the audio, but I read the attached article. And really I feel bad for her. The brainless Donny Boy and his crap family are now targeting her, and she is receiving death threats from morons on the internet. To the first family of Crap I say get over it, she apologized and received universal backlash, and probably put the final nails in her career’s coffin. You had this one in the bag, but Donny and Co. can’t pass up any chance to shoot themselves in the foot (just see their reasoning for Covfefe). Just move on, saying things like “Barron was disturbed by the images” is absolutely ludicrous. There is exactly a zero percent chance that kid saw that photo, much less know who Kathy Griffin is (no one under 20 does). Tiny baby Barron probably doesn’t even see his own shit as that would be too disturbing for him and that’s for the maids to deal with.

Kathy goes on to say that she received increased backlash because she is a woman, which is shaky at best. She also says that this will only make fun of Donny Boy more. I’m all for making fun of the Donald, but I think she kinda lost her privilege on that one. Any time she mentions anything Trump from now to the end of her life all people will talk about is her ill fated photo. Kathy doesn’t have an ounce of self-awareness and that is why your career is over, this photo was just the final nail.

P.S. Who knew she hosted New Years Eve with Anderson Cooper, and to think I though highly of Anderson. tsk tsk

P.S.S. Well I guess she doesn’t now.